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Entry #4

Anyone wanting news here

2010-06-27 07:24:31 by ShadowNCS

Please vote for my comic series "Chaos Hedgehogs"!

If you want to hear about some updates, go to my DeviantArt account.
In case I'm talking about my comics or other stuff, it's more likely you'll get some information there than here. (As you can see, my last update was in October last year).
As a matter of fact, I even update my dA page more often than my own site! O_o

Even if I'm not necessarily talking about my comics and projects, I usually update my journals there at least once per month, even if it is just random stuff I'm talking about.

So, in case you actually want to hear about some updates, see you at my dA page!


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2010-10-26 21:57:12

guess what new comic its finnaly the end to season 1