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Posted by ShadowNCS - June 27th, 2010

Please vote for my comic series "Chaos Hedgehogs"!

If you want to hear about some updates, go to my DeviantArt account.
In case I'm talking about my comics or other stuff, it's more likely you'll get some information there than here. (As you can see, my last update was in October last year).
As a matter of fact, I even update my dA page more often than my own site! O_o

Even if I'm not necessarily talking about my comics and projects, I usually update my journals there at least once per month, even if it is just random stuff I'm talking about.

So, in case you actually want to hear about some updates, see you at my dA page!

Posted by ShadowNCS - October 4th, 2009

Please vote for my comic series "Chaos Hedgehogs"!

Holy crap!
I haven't made a new newspost for ages!
Probably because I don't really have a lot to say.
I have no new ideas for flashes, haven't started animating the ones I want to since years, and it'll take some time until I'll make another movie/ game for my comic series.

But speaking of which, even though it'll take some time till I will make it, I have started drawing character models for an RPG-Battle-Game for my comic series.
These battles will be better than the one in Issue 100, because of one simple thing: You won't need a walkthrough to actually beat the enemies. xD
I guarantee for it.

Character Models done so far:
Egg Annihilator (WIP)

Please tell me of what you think of my character models.

Also, if you like the art I've posted here on NG, then check out my gallery on Deviant Art!

Also, please click [link] or [link] or [link]

Posted by ShadowNCS - December 23rd, 2008

Finally I've finished it! I already thought I'm never gonna finish it! XD
This also means, I finally can continue making COMICS! (Yay!)

Thanks for the patience of all of my 10 fans. XD (And the pantience of everyone else, too)

Have fun watching it!

Posted by ShadowNCS - April 16th, 2008

Hey, everyone,
I finally translated my website into English.
I have to stop the translation of my comic at issue 49 for now, because I have to make an eight-day school trip.
But I think, the last issues will be translated bebore the mid-May.
If you find grammar mistakes in my comic, please pm me, so I can correct that mistake (I'm not that good in English grammar, I think...)
Well, have fun with reading my comic.

I'm sorry for everyone, who tried to read my comic: my links were broken, but now they are fixed.